Cultivating Wisdom: Exploring the Mar Gregorios College of Law Library

Welcome to the Mar Gregorios College of Law, where knowledge takes center stage and the gateway to enlightenment lies within our esteemed college library. As you step into this hallowed space, you are not just entering a room filled with books; you are entering a world of boundless possibilities and intellectual exploration. Our library is more than just a repository of texts; it's a sanctuary for students and scholars alike, a place where ideas come to life, and where the pursuit of wisdom is nurtured. With an extensive collection of legal literature, reference materials, and a serene ambiance conducive to deep study and reflection, our library is your trusted companion on your academic journey. Whether you seek answers, inspiration, or simply a quiet corner to delve into the realms of legal wisdom, our library is here to welcome you with open arms. Embrace the wealth of knowledge that awaits, and let your academic voyage begin amidst the shelves of Mar Gregorios College of Law's library.



The library follows an Open Access policy. You can pick a book of your choice from the shelves and may refer to it in the library or borrow them.


The reference section in the library serves as an invaluable resource, housing a comprehensive collection of legal dictionaries, encyclopedias, treatises, and other authoritative materials essential for legal research and ensuring the provision of accurate and well-supported legal information.The reference books cannot be borrowed.


The reprographic service facilitates efficient access to information by offering photocopying, scanning, and printing services, enabling library users to obtain high-quality reproductions of essential documents and resources for academic and research purposes.


The research section is a specialized zone that offers an extensive array of scholarly resources, including books, journals, databases, and multimedia materials, providing library users with a dedicated space for in-depth exploration, academic investigation, and the pursuit of knowledge.


The e-learning center in the library is a dynamic space where users can access digital resources, online courses, and interactive multimedia materials, fostering a collaborative environment that supports self-directed learning, technological literacy, and educational engagement within the library setting